Certified Management Systems

ISO/IEC 27001, KRITIS, and Reliable Data Center

Certificate Holder: MARCANT AG

Test Mark Number: 9108630744

The certificate holder's Management System corresponds to standard Reliable Data Center.

Certificate scopes:
  • ISO/IEC 27001:

    consulting and implementation of IT projects and IT security projects, data center operation, including global support, monitoring and managed Services

    SoA V1.1 dated 17.05.2018


    KRITIS-Prüfung nach §8a BSIG für die MARCANT AG
    Beratung und Umsetzung von IT-Projekten und IT-Security-Projekten, Support, Monitoring, Rechenzent-rumsbetrieb und Managed Services

  • Reliable Data Center:

    Data Center Operations of MarcanT AG

Further information by the certificate holder: The certificate holder has not provided further information.
Contact to the certificate holder: MARCANT AG

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33609 Bielefeld