Certified Management Systems

AD 2000 HP 0, EN 1090-1, EN 1090-2, EN ISO 3834-2, y Umstempelvereinb.

Certificado Titular: AAR GmbH Brauer und Wolter

Número de logotipo: 9108620269

The certificate holder's Sistema de Gestión corresponds to standard SCC**.

The organization "AAR GmbH Brauer und Wolter" as named in the certificate was audited and certified by “TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH“.
Certificate scopes:
  • AD 2000 HP 0:

    Manufacture and assembly of piping systems

  • EN 1090-1:

    Requirements for conformity assessment for load-bearing structural steel members in all types of construction works.
    Technical requirements for steel structures.

  • EN 1090-2:

    bitte pflegen

  • EN ISO 3834-2:

    Manufacture and assembly of piping systems

  • Umstempelvereinb.:

    System of Transferring the Marking of Materials

Further information by the certificate holder: The certificate holder has not provided further information.
Contact to the certificate holder: AAR GmbH Brauer und Wolter

Ehlegrund 15
39114 Magdeburg