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Certified Management System

ISO 9001

Certificate Holder: Biaffin GmbH & Co. KG

Test Mark Number: 9108613509

The certificate holder's Management System corresponds to standard ISO 9001:2015.

Certificate scope:
  • ISO 9001:

    distributive trades of research reagents and services for analysis of molecular interactions in research and development / analysis of biomolecular interactions / assay qualification and validation


Biaffin GmbH & Co KG is a bioanalytical service provider specialized in the application
of biosensors based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR) for biomolecular interaction
analysis (BIA).
The BIA technology is a powerful tool to kinetically characterize any pair
of interacting molecules in real-time in a label-free state. Based on more than 10 years
experience in developing customized projects Biaffin supports as competent partner the
drug development programs of pharma, biotech and generic drug companies as well as
scientific institutions worldwide. The service is performed by a highly specialized team
in a laboratory fully equipped with several SPR instruments (Biacore).

Biaffin's SPR services comprise hit validation and secondary screening of small molecule
drugs as well as kinetic characterization, stability analyses, quality control and batch to
batch comparison of antibodies, biologics and biosimilars for diagnostic and therapeutic
purposes. Furthermore, contract research elucidating specificity, selectivity, mechanism
of action and thermodynamics of a given interaction is performed as well. Biochemical
and enzymatic assays based on e.g. microfluidic mobility shift technology (MMSA),
bioluminescence and spectrophotometry broaden the range of services to meet the
complex issues of clients regarding inhibitor recognition by target enzyme, effects of
small molecule inhibitors on enzyme activity, substrate specificity and mode of action.

In addition to the analytical services Biaffin offers a broad line of products serving customer's
needs in kinase research and signal transduction. The product range available from Biaffin’s
online shop comprises recombinant proteins (kinases, phosphatases,
cytokines, receptors), peptide substrates, specific inhibitors and antibodies as well as
biochemical assays (ATP determination kit, kinase assays) for customer’s in-house research.


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