Certified Management System

ISO 9001

Certificado Titular: Institut Thos i Codina

Número de logotipo: 9105085346

The certificate holder's Sistema de Gestión corresponds to standard ISO 9001:2015.

Certificate scope:
  • ISO 9001:
    Teaching learning of: • Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO), • Baccalaureate (BAT), • Medium-grade training cycles Administrative management (GAD) or Business activities (ACO) or Business activities Fashion (ACM) or Micro-information systems and networks (SMX) • Higher-level training cycles Administration and finance (ADF) o Management of sales and commercial spaces (GVE) or Web application development (DAW) or Network computer system management (ASX) • Higher level incorporation course (CIS) , • Middle grade access course (CAM
Further information by the certificate holder: The certificate holder has not provided further information.
Contact to the certificate holder: Institut Thos i Codina

Riera de Cirera, 57
08304 Mataro