Zertifizierte Managementsysteme

ISO/IEC 27001 und БДС ISO 9001

Zertifikatsinhaber: ИНФОНОТАРИ ЕАД

Prüfzeichennummer: 9105057917

Das Management System des Zertifikatsinhabers entspricht den Normen:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013
Geltungsbereich der Zertifikate:
  • ISO/IEC 27001:

    Information security management system related to: Provision of trust services for a qualified certificates for qualified electronic signature, electronic seal, electronic time stamp, website authentication. Provision of qualified services for electronicregistered delivery service, long-term preservation, remote signing services. Design, development, installation, implementation, commissioning, management, maintenance, support, consultancy and training in the field of information technology, including PKI systems, information security, identification and authentication. Delivery of software and hardware products, specialized PKI components, cryptographic devices and personal data security and identification tools.
    Assessed according to Statement of Applicability as 12.01.2017

  • БДС ISO 9001:

    Provision of certification services for electronic signatures , development and maintenance of PKI systems, software development, integration and consultation services in relation to information systems /software and hardware/, business processes analysis and projects management.

Weitere Informationen des Zertifikatsinhabers: Der Zertifikatsinhaber hat keine weiteren Informationen angegeben.
Kontakt zum Zertifikatsinhaber: INFONOTARY EAD

16 Ivan Vazov Str.
1000 Sofia