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Certificate Holder: TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH

Test Mark Number: 5000000000

The test entails:


The TÜV Rheinland test mark for products tested for harmful substances

Many everyday products, such as textiles, clothing, construction materials for interior design, etc., are manufactured using chemicals that give these products their technically or stylistically required characteristics. But these chemicals may only be used in amounts that present no health risks to the consumer.
Responsible manufacturers and retailers of the products recognize this problem and voluntarily submit their products for testing at a recognized and indepe­dent institute. The test mark for products tested for harmful substances denotes care and diligence above and beyond that normally required in manufacturing. Awarding a product this test mark means: According to current knowledge, no health risks need be feared.

Which products can be awarded the test mark?

The test mark can, based on the relevant criteria catalogs, be used for a wide variety of consumer products. Examples of products that have already been awarded the test mark include clothing, home textiles, vehicle seat covers, strollers, mattresses, flooring, right up to complete vehicle interiors and prefabricated housing.

How is testing carried out?

Prior to a harmful substances test, research is carried out into how and using which materials and auxiliary materials products are manufactured. The research covers these materials, but also possible substitute materials, possible impurities and the substances used in transport and storage. In this way, the product is inspected for all relevant harmful substances.

The product's anticipated use is key in selecting the test conditions, as usage determines how a user might be exposed to the harmful substances.

Harmful substances can enter the human body in different ways and be damaging to health. The most important uptake pathways are:



Inhalationof dust particles, fibers, gases (e.g. ozone from laser printers) volatile compounds such as formaldehyde or solvents


Swallowing e.g. easily removable small parts or coloring of toys or clothing that is not sweat- and saliva-resistant


Skin contact with products that are supposed to or can come into contact with skin, e.g. clothing, home textiles, mattresses, carpets, etc.

All three pathways are taken into account when assessing harmful substances. However, each pathway is weighted differently, according to product.

For materials that are used over large areas, such as flooring, wall and decoration materials, vehicle interiors, as well as adhesives and paints, consideration is given primarily to the possible aerial transmission of harmful substances. Flooring, for example, is tested for gas emissions in a test chamber under simulated real-world conditions (temperature, humidity and chamber load).

None, or only trace amounts of chemical compounds permitted by relevant guidelines for interior spaces, or - with a very high safety margin - amounts below specified concentration thresholds permitted within workspaces, may be detected under these conditions.

If the product predictably comes into contact with skin for extended periods - e.g. clothing and flooring - tests are conducted for the presence of pesticides, for formaldehyde release, and for determining whether perspiration releases colorants or heavy metals. The pH-value must also lie within levels tolerable by skin, and, among others, the product must contain neither allergy-triggering nickel in metal surfaces, nor allergenic dispersion dyes.

Since 1 January 2016, TÜV Rheinland has been issuing test marks with individual ID numbers by default. These marks directly refer to specific information on product and testing.

Test marks with the number 5000000000 can be found on many products which were certified before 2016. For more detailed information about these products, please use the search function. Enter the certificate number, the product name, or the manufacturer’s name.

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