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Certified Product

Textilspielzeug: Textile Toys) - Non-Electrical Plush Toys "Bezeichnung (Type designation) "UNBEELIEVABLES"series: P506755 (RePET QueenBeez Plush) P506756 (RePET Swarmeez Plush) P506757 (RePET BeeP Plush) P506758 (RePET RuBee Plush) P506759 (RePET Bumbuleez Plush) P506761 (RePET BarnaBee Plush) Trademark: UNBEELIEVABLES Remark: 96% recycled content (average)"

Certificate Holder: TCC Global N.V.

Test Mark Number: 1419069503

Product "Textilspielzeug, Bezeichnung (Type designation) "UNBEELIEVABLES"series: P506755 (RePET QueenBeez Plush) P506756 (RePET Swarmeez Plush) P506757 (RePET BeeP Plush) P506758 (RePET RuBee Plush) P506759 (RePET Bumbuleez Plush) P506761 (RePET BarnaBee Plush) Trademark: UNBEELIEVABLES Remark: 96% recycled content (average)" as named in the certificate was tested by TÜV Rheinland Hong Kong Ltd. and fulfills the defined requirements.

The UnBEElievables are a group characters designed to appeal to children and raise the awareness of the importance of pollinators in our ecosystem, through play. A range of collectible UnBEElievables plush characters have been developed with the environment in mind and are made from over 85% recycled polyester. The plush range is officially recognised and certified as a green product.

Green Product Mark for Consumer Products with a Smaller Environmental Impact:

Countries worldwide have implemented regulations and limitations on the use of hazardous chemical substances, as well as energy efficiency requirements, to protect human health and the ecosystem. 

Around the globe, initiatives which promote limited greenhouse gas emissions are launched, e.g. the carbon disclosure project, the electronic industry code of conduct or the guide of green electronics by Greenpeace.

Additionally, the retail sector increasingly demands products that meet green and sustainability requirements, of which the usage of post-consumer recycled material is only one example.

Is there an independent certification mark that can demonstrate compliance with various sustainability regulations and requirements, and help manufacturers to promote their eco-friendly products in a more direct, fast and efficient way?

Yes, TÜV Rheinland’s Green Product Mark can do it! 

TÜV Rheinland’s Green Product Mark is a voluntary sustainability mark for consumer products that can give end consumers and buyers guidance in a crowded market place. It identifies green and sustainable products. The Green Product Mark aims to minimize the production impact of consumer goods on the environment and to encourage responsible usage & recycling.

The central idea of the Green Product Mark is to identify safe and sustainable products. The mark is applicable to various consumer products, such as toys, visual displays, infocom and peripherals equipment, household appliances, leisure and sports equipment, furniture and other items covering all aspects of human life. 

The requirements for the Green Product Mark for Plush toys are based on the evaluation of 4 pillars, on the precondition that the product passed related safety evaluation and that the manufacturer assures social compliances.

The first pillar of the Green Product Mark requirements is the responsible use of chemical substances. The products have to comply with various regulatory, standards and market requirements for the targeted markets, such as SVHCs, REACH, POPs (Persistent organic pollutants) in European Union (EU), or other related regulations which help to restrict the use of hazardous substances to protect human health and the environment.

The second pillar is the waste management and the usage of recycled materials in the Plush Toy product. TUV Rheinland verifies the correct usage and labelling of the recycled material content as evaluation of chain of custody system. Here, special attention is paid to the post-consumer recycled and traceability in the recycled material content.

The third pillar is the requirement of a product carbon footprint. Carbon Footprint is a method to measure the impact of carbon emissions of a single product over its lifecycle.

The fourth pillar is the compliance of the social requirement in different corporate social responsibility schemes such as BSCI, SMETA, RBA, ICTI, SA8000 and GRI for brand owner, manufacturer, and the factory/third-party producer.

Our Pledge:
TÜV Rheinland certifies with the Green Label the limited impact of a consumer product on the environment and ensures the compliance of social and safety requirements at the day of certification.

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