Certified Product

Kaltleiter: PTC Resettable Overcurrent Protector "MF-S120-z" and others

Certificate Holder: Bourns Inc.

Test Mark Number: 1419059250

Product "Kaltleiter, MF-S120-z MF-S120S-z MF-S150-z MF-S150S-z MF-S175-z MF-S175S-z MF-S200-z MF-S200S-z MF-S350-z MF-S350S-z MF-S420-z MF-S420S-z MF-S420SS-z MF-LS100S-z MF-LS180-z MF-LS180S-z MF-LS190-z MF-LS190RU-z MF-LS260-z MF-LS300-z MF-LS340-z MF-LL180-z MF-LL190-z MF-LR190-z MF-LR190S-z MF-LR260-z MF-LR260S-z MF-LR380-z MF-LR450-z MF-LR550(S)-z MF-LR600-z MF-LR730-z MF-SVS170-z MF-SVS170N-z MF-SVS170NL-E8-z MF-SVS175-z MF-SVS175N-z MF-SVS175NL-z MF-SVS210-z MF-SVS210N-z MF-SVS220N-z MF-SVS220NU-z MF-SVS230-z MF-SVS230N-z MF-SVS240-z MF-SVS240N-z MF-SVS270-z MF-SVS270-J2-z MF-SVS270NU-z MF-VS120NU-F7-z MF-VS170-z MF-VS170N-z MF-VS175-z MF-VS175N-z MF-VS175NL-z MF-VS210-z MF-VS210N-z MF-VS210L-z MF-VS210U-z MF-VS210LU-z MF-VS240-z MF-VS240N-z MF-LR380U-z MF-LR550/20U-z" as named in the certificate was tested by TÜV Rheinland Taiwan Ltd. and fulfills the defined requirements.
Further information by the certificate holder about the certified product: The certificate holder has not provided further information about the certified product.
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