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  • Certified Product

    • Product

      Display Unit: Color Display Unit "S34A65****("*"inthemodelnamecanbeanyalphanumericcharactersorblankformarketpurpose)"

    • Certificate Holder

      Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

    • Test Mark Number


    The test includes:

    1. Intelligent Eye Care

      TÜV Rheinland has tested this product in order to ascertain the extent of its eye friendliness using the “Intelligent Eye Care” function of the display.

      This function means that the product can detect user environmental ambient light intensity and CCT and therefore intelligently adjust the screen brightness and correlated color temperature (CCT), while controlling hazardous blue light and annoying flicker. Therefore the function can help users reduce eye fatigue.

      TÜV Rheinland has defined a catalogue of tests, which sets out minimum standards for the intelligent eye care performance. The testing criteria are defined based on TÜV Rheinland’s research and development, as well as industry standards, exceeding the industry standards.

      The product has been tested in the laboratory according to these criteria, e.g. screen brightness and CCT setting according to various ambient light conditions, blue light and flicker management requirements.

      The keyword “Intelligent Eye Care" confirms that the product satisfies TÜV Rheinland's test criteria.


    Product "Display Unit, S34A65**** ("*" in the model name can be any alphanumeric characters or blank for market purpose)" as named in the certificate was tested by TUV Rheinland (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and fulfills the defined requirements.

    Certificate for this Product

    Contact to the certificate holder

    Samsung Electronics
    Co., Ltd.
    129, Samsung-ro, Yeongtong-gu,
    16677 Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do
    Republic of Korea