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Certified Product

PV Module: siehe unten " (120W - 150W in 5W steps) PowerMax®"

Certificate Holder: AVANCIS GmbH

Test Mark Number: 1111219772


The Photovoltaic (PV) modules of AVANCIS GmbHH were tested by TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH according to the following standard:

• IEC 61701:2011/EN 61701:2012  "Salt mist corrosion testing of photovoltaic (PV) modules" severity 6

Prerequisite for this certification is that the modules are certified according to IEC 61215 (Design qualification and type approval) and IEC 61730 (Photovoltaic module safety qualification)

The test will be performed acc. to the following parameters:

Testing parameters       Conditions
NaCI concentration    5 %
Temperature      35°C
pH-value    6,5 - 7,2
Relative humidity    ca. 100 % (condensation of test items)
Ccourse of cycle
(7 days)  
   2 h / 35°C / reaction of NaCl / ca. 93 % relative humidity (con-densation of test items)
   22 h / 40 °C / 93 % relative humidity (phase of drying)
   after four periods of spraying and storage one storage period under standard
   atmosphere at 23°C and 45 % - 55 % relative humidity follows for 3 days
Length of test    8 cycles = 56 days
Further information by the certificate holder about the certified product: The certificate holder has not provided further information about the certified product.
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