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    • 产品

      PV-Module: see below

    • 证书持有人

      AVANCIS GmbH

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    1. IEC 61215

      The IEC 61215, respectively EN 61215, comprises the examination of all parameters which are responsible for the ageing of PV modules and describes the various qualification tests on the basis of the artificial load of the materials. In particular one differs between the following load groups:

      Sunlight incl. UV
      Climate (changing of climates, coldness, warmth, humidity)
      Mechanical load (hail, wind suction, wind pressure, snow)

      The tests are judged to be passed, if after the qualification tests no major visual defects are detected and the output power has not or only slightly degraded from its initial value.

      The qualification certificate corresponding to IEC 61215 has gained acceptance in the past few years as the quality symbol for crystalline PV modules. Nowadays such a certificate is required for most national and international funding programs.
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    2. IEC 61730

      The standard IEC 61730 comprises the requirements for the design and the testing of PV modules regarding the qualification for the safe electrical and mechanical operation throughout their expected lifetime. The test sequences of the IEC 61730 are designed such that they can co-ordinate with those of the IEC 61215 (PV modules - design qualification and type approval) and the test samples may be used for the performance as well as for the safety qualification. Among the test categories are:

      Environmental stress

      Besides the basic tests, the standard foresees additional tests that depend on the module end-use applications, which are categorized in classes A, B and C.

      The tests are judged to be passed, if the test applied would not result into potential electric shock, fire and personal injury.

      The IEC 61730 comprises all tests that are required for the determination of the protection class according to IEC 61140.

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    3. Regular Production Surveillance

      In order to ensure that products initially tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland continue to be produced in consistent quality, the production is inspected at regular intervals. The procedures in the production premises are inspected, such as the purchasing of components (supplier assessment), the individual processing stages and pre-delivery inspections. The use of the keyword "Regular Production Surveillance" confirms that the production has been subjected to such inspections.

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    证书所列的产品"PV-Module, (120W - 140W in 5W steps) SKALA (45W - 140W) SKALA (115W) SKALA SKALA (145W)"经TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH检测,符合证书所列标准的要求。





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