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Certified Product

Dust bag for vacuum cleaner: ""Menalux DURAFLOW""

Certificate Holder: Electrolux Floor Care & Small Appliances AB

Test Mark Number: 1020041800


Menalux is the trademark for vacuum cleaner accessories of the Electrolux Group. The vacuum cleaner dust bag "Menalux DURAFLOW" was tested and certified by TUV Rheinland Group in the context of a product test and process audit. Test items were capacity and quality measurements of standard paper dust bags and "Menalux DURAFLOW" dust bags under real conditions and with regard to the quality criteria for suction poweroperating life and filtration performance. "Menalux DURAFLOW" meets the required quality criteria of the TUV Standard 2 PfG 1987/05.2012.

The "Menalux DURAFLOW" vacuum cleaner dust bag consists of multiple layers of a synthetic material. The material supports a corresponding airflow and thus an equal distribution of the absorbed dust. The tested vacuum cleaner dust bag achieved in average a 50 % higher dust absorption volume than the reference standard. This means in relation to the paper dust bag a longer time period until the change of the dust bag is possible.
The filtration performance as a measure for the remained dust volume which exists usually in the exhaust air, is significant smaller than the remained dust volume of the reference standard.

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