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    Certyfikowane systemy zarządzania

    • Certyfikowanych systemów zarządzania

      ISO 9001 和 QM-System Normenkonf. Medizin

    • Właściciel certyfikatu

      Gebr. Brasseler GmbH & Co. KG

    • Numer Znaku


    System System zarządzania posiadacza certyfikatu odpowiada normie:

    1. EN ISO 13485:2016

    2. ISO 9001:2015

    Zakresy certyfikatu

    • ISO 9001

      Design and development, manufacture and distribution
      of medical devices and products for
      dental laboratories and industry

    • QM-System Normenkonf. Medizin

      Design and development, manufacture and distribution
      of non-active medical devices
      (see attachment for products included)
      Products included:
      - Rotary and oscillating instruments for dentistry
      dermatology, surgery and ophthalmology
      - Rotary instruments and saw blades for orthopedics,
      - Posts, screws and prefabricated elements as well as
      auxiliary parts for the restoration of teeth
      - Instruments for podiatry
      - Agents for the cleaning and disinfection of
      medical devices
      - Pins and screws for use in orthopedics
      Products included:
      - Rotary endodontic instruments
      drying the root canal
      - Filling material for root canals and paper points for
      - Dental hand pieces and contra-angles
      - Sterilization containers and bur blocks
      - Manual instruments and tools for use in dentistry
      - Elastomeric elements

    Certyfikaty dla tych systemów zarządzania

    Kontakt do posiadacza certyfikatu

    Gebr. Brasseler GmbH & Co. KG

    Trophagener Weg 25
    32657 Lemgo