Certified Management System

ISO 9001


Test Mark Number: 0110007001

The certificate holder's Management System corresponds to standard ISO 9001:2015.

Certificate scope:
  • ISO 9001:

    - Registration of vessels, certification and public management of ships registered in the Luxembourg public maritime register;
    - Public management of crews (in particular the issue of seamen's books and certificates of service, the recognition of Certificates of Competency and/or Certificates of Proficiency, the assessment of complaints by seafarers);
    - Accreditation and control of shipping companies and shipping managers;
    - General administration and in particular the compliance to national, European and international provisions (UN, IMO and ILO);
    - Recreational boating according to Luxembourg Act dated 23 September, 1997.

Further information by the certificate holder: The certificate holder has not provided further information.
Contact to the certificate holder: COMMISSARIAT AUX AFFAIRES MARITIMES

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