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The certificate holder's Management System corresponds to standard Accident Repair Service.


1. Target group and scope

Due to TÜV Rheinland’s international presence and experience, we realized that the quality of accident repair – even in Europe – ranges from very poor to very professional. It is our aim to especially improve the technical safety wherever necessary and possible. For these reason the “TÜV Rheinland Certified Body and Paint Workshop Program" has been developed. Vehicles, especially new-age vehicles exhibit the highest standards of craftsmanship within the motor industry. This has resulted in vehicles incorporating technologically advanced equipment, matched with use and application of the very latest materials.

Such advanced technology demands the very highest level of service and repair to meet the original car manufacturer and customer expectations. This is of particular importance in the area of body and paint where the implementation of correct working practices and use of approved materials and products is the only way to truly restore the vehicle to its original condition and maintain its cosmetic and structural integrity. In order to achieve this, special facilities, know how, staff and equipment and IT are required.

Typical customers for our certificate are:

  • Vehicle Manufacturers (OEM’s), Importers and their dealerships
  • Banks and Leasing Companies and their Body and Paint Network
  • Vehicle Repair Chain Services
  • Car Rental Companies and their Body and Paint Network
  • Motor Insurance Companies and their Body and Paint Network
  • Automotive Associations and their connected Body and Paint Shops
  • Used Vehicle Traders and their Body and Paint Network
  • Governmental Automotive Institutions and Initiatives and related Body and Paint Shops

With an international standardized test design, TÜV Rheinland checks Body and Paint Businesses extremely thoroughly and accompanies clients in the development and implementation of improvement measures. Upon request, TÜV Rheinland will train staff locally to success.

2. Certificate requirements

The Certificate is issued by the local responsible TÜV Rheinland subsidiary based on International TÜV Rheinland Body and Paint Industry Standards for passenger vehicles. Our Auditors are checking frequently approx. 450 standards on-site the Body and Paint Shop/dealership and respectively their related subcontractors at least once a year. We just hand out a certificate and a workshop-entrance-tag if the following results are achieved during the on-site Audit:

Result > 50% and
All our minimum requirements are met

A Body and Paint Shop certified in line with the TÜV Rheinland Body and Paint requirements establishes an integrated quality control circuit. This ensures ongoing development through a continuous improvement process (CIP).

3. Areas Audited

  • Body-, Paint-, and related mechanics-service and repair quality
  • Facilities

              - Appearance
              - Mechanical work shop
              - Body work shop
              - Paint work shop
              - Warehousing and parts supply
              - Work shop offices and social rooms
              - Vehicle reception area
              - Parking slots

  • Tools and equipment
  • Order handling processes

             - Customer reception
             - Repair cost estimate
             - Repair processes

  • Skills of service staff
  • Workshop-Management and -organization
  • Waste handling
  • Enviromental and occupational safety
  • Special vehicle services like electric vehicles
  • Marketing activities
  • IT systems
  • KPI-Management, Profitability and Efficiency
  • Quality of Subcontractors (if applicable)

4. Contact

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