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    • 产品

      Photovoltaics qualification:

    • 证书持有人

      TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH

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    1. Power Controlled PV

      TÜV Rheinland has tested this PV Module in order to ascertain that the rated output of the product is as accurate as possible.

      TÜV Rheinland checks how the manufacturer conducts power measurement and carries out its own measurements in officially approved laboratories on samples from the production.

      TÜV Rheinland has defined a catalogue of tests, which establishes minimum standards for calibration and quality assurance procedures, or the qualification of measurement equipment in accordance with the product and manufacturer's information. The test catalogue is based on internationally applicable standards or common standards within the industry and exceeds these requirements.

      The product or its performance specifications have been tested according to these criteria on site at the manufacturer's premises and also in the laboratory. The use of the keyword "Power Controlled PV" confirms that the rated output as stated by the manufacturer is trustworthy and manufacturing tolerances are maintained within narrow limits.

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    2. Regular Production Surveillance

      In order to ensure that products initially tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland continue to be produced in consistent quality, the production is inspected at regular intervals. The procedures in the production premises are inspected, such as the purchasing of components (supplier assessment), the individual processing stages and pre-delivery inspections. The use of the keyword "Regular Production Surveillance" confirms that the production has been subjected to such inspections.

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    TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH

    Am Grauen Stein
    51105 Köln

    电子邮件: solarenergie@de.tuv.com