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      Lifecycle Assessment Method at Roehm Group:

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      Röhm GmbH

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    The test includes:

    1. LCA Method Certified

      A life cycle assessment (LCA) considers potential ecological impacts of products during the complete life cycle. The international standards DIN EN ISO 14040:2009 and DIN EN ISO 14044:2006 include principles and frameworks as well as requirements and guidelines respectively for carrying out an LCA study.
      According to these standards, an LCA is performed within four iterative steps.
      The first one is the goal and scope definition phase, including the functional unit, system boundaries and level of detail of the study. In the second, the phase of the inventory analysis, all input and output data which are relevant to the system and its boundaries are collected. The life cycle impact assessment phase is the third phase in an LCA study. Here, additional information is recorded supporting the assessment of the system’s inventory analysis results so as to better understand their environmental significance. Life cycle interpretation is the final phase of an LCA procedure, in which the results are summarized and discussed forming a basis for conclusions, recommendations and decision-making.
      With certification and award of the keyword “LCA method certified” TÜV Rheinland acknowledges that the method used for calculating LCAs for specific product groups in a company is scientifically and technically valid and sufficient according to the requirements and criteria of the international standards. For this, documentation on the procedure, approach and methodology used for calculating LCAs is reviewed. Additionally the LCA calculation model, e.g. software based, is examined regarding transparency, completeness and consistency.
    2. Regular Surveillance

      According to the applicable criteria catalog, TUV Rheinland performs regular surveillance audits to ensure the statement of certification is still valid and up-to-date.

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    Röhm GmbH

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