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  • Certified Product

    • Product

      Siłownie plenerowe: "Odwodziciel + Pylon D24 + P01; Steper + Pylon D21 + P01; Wahadło + Pylon D03 + P01; Twister + Pylon D08 + P01; Twister + Wahadło M04; Odwodziciel + Steper M07; Biegacz R04; Wahadło + Biegacz + Twister M15; Steper + Biegacz + Odwodziciel M16; Prasa nożna + Słup R05A; Prasa nożna + Pylon D05 + P01; Prasa nożna + Słup + Prasa nożna R05B; Rower Klasyczny R25S; Rower R25; Jeździec R15; Jeździec Klasyczny R15R; Orbitrek R11; Narciarz R22A; Wioślarz R31; Wyciskanie siedząc + Pylon D01 + P01; Wyciąg górny + Pylon D02 + P01; Wyciskanie siedząc integracyjne + Pylon D01R + WS + P01; Wyciąg górny Integracyjny + Pylon D02R + WS + P01; Wyciskanie siedząc + Słup + Wyciąg górny M01R; Wyciskanie siedząc + Słup + Wyciąg górny M01; Motyl + Słup D06R + SZ + SLW; Motyl rewers + Słup D07R + SZ + SLW; Drabinka + Słup D29 + SLW; Ławka + Słup D10 + SLN; Prostownik pleców D14 + P01"

    • Certificate Holder

      ZPU Romex Sp. z o.o.

    • Test Mark Number


    The test entails:

    1. Safety

      TÜV Rheinland has tested this product in order to ascertain the extent to which it is safe in operation and compatible for the user when being used as intended.
      TÜV Rheinland has defined a catalogue of tests, which establishes the minimum standards for the safety characteristic according to the product and manufacturer's information.
      The test catalogue is based on internationally applicable standards or standards in common use in the industry and exceeds these requirements.
      Depending on the product the tests cover electrical and mechanical safety inspections, flammability tests, radiation measurements, etc. The product has been tested in the laboratory according to these criteria. The keyword "Safety" confirms that the product satisfies the established safety criteria.

    2. Regular Production Surveillance

      In order to ensure that products initially tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland continue to be produced in consistent quality, the production is inspected at regular intervals. The procedures in the production premises are inspected, such as the purchasing of components (supplier assessment), the individual processing stages and pre-delivery inspections. The use of the keyword "Regular Production Surveillance" confirms that the production has been subjected to such inspections.

    Certificate for this Product

    Contact to the certificate holder

    ZPU ROMEX Sp. z o.o.

    ul. Hetmańska 38
    85-039 Bygdoszcz