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cm.chemicals Life Cycle Inventory Datenbank von Carbon Minds:

Zertifikatsinhaber: Carbon Minds GmbH

Prüfzeichennummer: 0000081021


The reviewers conclude that the methodology for the LCI Database “cm.chemicals” developed by Carbon Minds GmbH is scientifically based, reflects the state of the art and complies with the requirements of ISO 14040:2006 + Amd.1:2020 and 14044:2006 + Amd 1:2017 + Amd 2:2020. The approach and principles behind the methodology are generally appropriate for LCI datasets and for the goal and scope of the method. Altogether the data quality of the used sources and the quality of the resulting LCI datasets are estimated to be very high. For the future, TÜV Rheinland recommends to continually enhance the methodology in line with the developments in science, technology and the chemical industry and to adapt the methodology report accordingly. Specifications and assessment limits can be found in the review report.

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Kontakt zum Zertifikatsinhaber: Carbon Minds GmbH

Eupener Str. 165
50933 Cologne
E-Mail: info@carbon-minds.com


Dokumentenart Dokumententitel Anerkannt durch TÜV Rheinland Dokumentenbeschreibung
Zertifikat / Genehmigung C01-2021-09-21253190 Ja Zertifikat
Dokument CF-2021-09-21253190 Ja Review Report