Certified Management System

Corporate Carbon Footprint

Certificate Holder: Behavior and Inequality Research Institute GmbH

Test Mark Number: 0000075686

The certificate holder's Management System corresponds to standards:

  • Corporate Carbon Footprint
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Regular Surveillance
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Certificate scope:
  • Corporate Carbon Footprint:

    Klimaneutrales Unternehmen


Behavior and Inequality Research Institute GmbH (briq) is a research platform seeking to advance innovative thinking about the sources and consequences of inequality while pushing the frontiers of behavioral economics research. This research aims at improving individual opportunities and social cohesion. briq provides a platform for the exchange of novel ideas and an infrastructure for the cooperation of international, top-level researchers. We believe that scientific, interdisciplinary research is a precondition for evidence-based policy advice and the evaluation of economic and social policies.

briq´s Corporate Carbon Footprint was calculated to determine the greenhouse gas emissions resulting by the institute´s activities. The Corporate Carbon Footprint was calculated according to the GHG protocol. All emissions (Scope 1,2,3) are compensated by investions in climate protection projects: Reforestation and Restoration of Degraded Mangrove Lands, Sustainable Livelihood and Community Development in Myanmar (VERRA) and Energy Efficient Cook Stoves for Siaya, Kenya (GOLD-Standard).  

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