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Qualified Person

Patent Researcher (TÜV)

Certificate Holder: Daniel Kayser

Test Mark Number: 0000073882

Certified competencies

In the examination participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Databases for patents, brands and designs
  • Patent classification systems – IPC, CPC, DEKLA, North American and Japanese classification systems
  • Classification systems for brands and designs – Nice-Classification and Locarno-Classification
  • Establishing client requirements
  • Research techniques and research tools
  • Keyword research
  • Fundamental  research approaches
  • Fundamentals of report generation
  • Introduction to patent monitoring and patent-based analyses

“Patent Researchers (TÜV)” know the important differences between sources of information and can use the one that is best  for the specific research assignment in a target-oriented manner and thus prepare and conduct patent searches and   present the results to their clients in a convincing manner.


Daniel Kayser, Germany