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    Certified Person

    • Zertifizierungsprogramm

      Personal Fitness Trainer with TÜV Rheinland Certified Qualification

    • Certificate Holder

      Markus von Marées

    • Test Mark Number


    Certified competencies

    By fulfilling the admission requirements and passing the examination, participants prove their competence in the following areas:

    • Anatomy and muscle science. Compehensive knowledge of the necessary muscles for a highly qualitative training programme
    • Marketing, Tax, Law and Insurance
      Fundamental knowledge of online marketing, questions of liability and fundamentals of tax that enable self-employment
    • Disease science
      comprehensive knowledge in pathological events such as different forms of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases etc. Limitations of Personal Fitness Training and the ability to fetch professional support in time
    • Effectiveness and reliability in training and organisation.
      Punctuality, reliability and structured approach towards customers
    • Dietary science
      Comprehensive knowledge of different diet forms, fundamentals of diet, composition of food, significance of nutrients

    Successful candidates are in a position to operate as Personal Fitness Trainers taking into account all relevant aspects.

    Further details on this qualification

    Contact to the certificate holder

    Markus von Marées, Germany