Qualified Person

International Welder - Aluminium (TÜV)

Certificado Titular: Gai Wei Wei

Número de logotipo: 0000073373

Gai wei wei

Designation(s): EN ISO 9606-2 131 P BW 23.1 S t12 PF ss nb

Reference No.: JS-27

Certified competencies

The “International Welder - Aluminum (TÜV)” authorizes for practical and theoretical tasks in the welding process, in which the candidate is trained.

In the examination participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Welding Health & Safety knowledge
  • Electrical safety in welding operation
  • Fire and explosion protection in welding operation
  • Personnel protection and PPE in welding operation.


Successful candidates have the competence in order to:

  • Identify steel fusion welding operation hazard sources
  • Read welding process documents and drawings
  • Independently perform welding operations according to process requirements
  • Prevent aluminum welding defects.

The certificate for “International Welder - Aluminum (TÜV)” is only valid with the appropriate welder certificate.


Gai Wei Wei, China