ID-Nr. 0000073297: Certified Mobile Crane Operator (TÜV)

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Titel des Zertifizierungsprogramms:Certified Mobile Crane Operator (TÜV)

The participants bring the following educational and professional background:

  • High School Degree


  • Participation in the training course "Certified Overhead Crane Operator (TÜV)" of the provider TÜV Rheinland Philippines approved by PersCert TÜV. The course duration is 2 days with a total of 16 hours. The presence is documented by the provider by signature of the participant. Admission to the exam is subject to a minimum attendance of 90%.
  • Written Exam
  • Practical Exam
Nachzuweisende Kompetenzen:

In the examination participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Mobile crane operation;
  • OSH Law and Issuances (legal basis) related to mobile crane operation;
  • Mobile crane components, parameters, proper set-up and operations;
  • Mobile crane rigging equipment & PPE (Personal Protective Equipment);
  • Load chart and hand signals.

Successful candidates have the competence in order to:

  • Identify crane components, parameters, proper set-up and safe operation;
  • Analyze laws and regulations related to mobile crane operations to ensure safety, efficiency and conformity;
  • Take note of the shared responsibility between the crane operator and rigger;
  • Operate the common rigging equipment to be used in crane operation at the construction site using safety procedures and measures; 
  • Implement the control measures and programs that should be in place to prevent heavy equipment (mobile crane) related accidents.

In a recertification process participants have to prove their expertise is up to date.

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