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Certified Management System


Certificate Holder: Meden-Inmed Sp. z o.o.

Test Mark Number: 0000073249

The certificate holder's Management System corresponds to standard ISO 13485:2016.

Certificate scope:
  • QMS:

    see attachment for the scope
    Design, production, sales and servicing of medical devices
    tables for rehabilitation treatments, massage tables,
    heating treatment masses, treatment furniture, medical
    for hydrotherapy, physical therapy, physical rehabilitation,
    traction tables, tables for verticalization, devices for
    supply units (panel systems with gas installations),
    ophthalmic boards.
    Sales and servicing of ESWL and ESWT cameras, devices for
    EEG and EMG, magnetic stimulators, devices for urodynamics,
    medical lasers, endoscopes, implants and implantable
    materials, integrated operating rooms, surgical lights,
    operating tables, devices for electrotherapy, physiotherapy
    equipment, neuro-rehabilitation devices, devices for
    cardiology and cardiac rehabilitation, lasers for
    rehabilitation, equipment for Neurac therapy, kinesitherapy
    devices, devices for diagnosis and movement analysis,
    patient care systems, cryogenic and hyperbaric chambers


Meden-Inmed Sp. z o.o. holds a certified quality management system according to 13485:2016.
The quality management system of  is subject to regular, annual monitoring by TÜV Rheinland Group.

Further information by the certificate holder: The certificate holder has not provided further information.
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