ID-Nr. 0000072575: Assistant Mechatronics Engineer (TÜV)

Titel des Zertifizierungsprogramms:Assistant Mechatronics Engineer (TÜV)

The participants bring the following educational and professional background:
• High-School degree


Participation in the training course “Assistant Mechatronics Engineer” of the provider TUV Rheinland Academy Greater China approved by PersCert TÜV. The course duration is 305 days with a total of 2440 hours. The presence is documented by the provider by signature of the participant. Admission to the exam is subject to a minimum attendance of 80%.


Written Exam

Practical Exam

Term Tests

Nachzuweisende Kompetenzen:

The “Assistant Mechatronics Engineer (TUV)” authorizes for practical and theoretical tasks in mechatronics field, in which the candidate is trained.

In the examination participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:
• Maching
• Benchwork
• Electrical
• Pneumatic
• Hydraumatic
• Mechatronic

Successful candidates have the competence in order to: 

• Plan and manage work processes;
• Process mechanical parts;
• Assemble sub-assemblies and components into mechatronic system;
• Install and test hardware and software components;
• Build and test control systems;
• Assemble sub-assemblies and components into machines and systems;
• Assemble and dismantle machinery, systems and plants, transport and secure;
• Test and adjust the functions of mechatronic systems;
• Maintain, commission and operate mechatronic systems;
• Hand over mechatronic systems, instruct users in their operation and provide services.

The certificate “Assistant Mechatronics Engineer” is only valid with the appropriate mechatronics maintenance position.


Participants demonstrate the relevance of their competence in a recertification process.

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