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Life Cycle Assessment: "HeliaSol® 436x2000, HeliaSol® 1270x6000"

Zertifikatsinhaber: Heliatek GmbH

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Heliatek GmbH (hereinafter “Heliatek”) stands for an exceptional team with impressive expertise, award-winning innovations in organic chemistry and unique industrial facilities. The company was founded by a group of clean-energy enthusiasts to create a breakthrough product: organic photovoltaic (OPV) solar film.


HeliaSol® is an ultra-thin, lightweight, flexible solar film that can transform any building surface — from glass over metal and concrete to polymer sheets and PVC membranes — into a source of clean energy. Virtually all surfaces flat, curved, horizontal, vertical, and even semi-permanent can be turned into decentralized electricity generators. Heliatek’s mission is to bring industrial-grade OPVs to the market with state-of-the-art reliability and robustness to become a world leader in the clean energy sector.


TÜV Rheinland undertook a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study over the complete life cycle („cradle to grave“) according to DIN EN ISO 14040:2009 and DIN EN ISO 14044:2018. In this study, different layouts of the pre-commercial product HeliaSol®: HeliaSol® 436 mm x 2000 mm and HeliaSol® 1270 mm x 6000 mm were assessed regarding to their environmental performance.


Following global warming potential (GWP) result according to CML methodic for the use of 1 m2 HeliaSol® including all upstream and downstream processes over 20 years:

GWP/Carbon Footprint:

• HeliaSol® 436x2000  15.95 kg CO2 eq.

• HeliaSol® 1270x6000  14.52 kg CO2 eq.


TÜV Rheinland has performed a Critical Review of the LCA study in line with DIN EN ISO 14040:2009 and DIN EN ISO 14044:2018. 

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