ID No. 0000069666: HACCP Representative – Basic (TÜV)

Certification Program Title:HACCP Representative – Basic (TÜV)
Admission Requirements:

The participants bring the following education and/or professional background:

  • Relevant state recognized college diploma
  • Minimum 2 years work experience in a food processing/industry

  • Participation in the training course “HACCP Representative Basic” of the provider approved by PersCert TÜV. The course duration is 1 day with a total of mínimum net 6 hours. The presence is documented by the provider by signature of the participant. Admission to the exam is subject to a mínimum attendance of 100%
Examination Components:
  • Written Exam (Multiple choice and Open Questions)
Required Competencies:

In the examination participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points in the food supply chain;
  • Food Safety implementation and relevant pre-requisite programs, i.e. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) or equivalent.

Successful candidates have the competence in order to:

  • Understand and effectively apply Food Safety;
  • Implement 12 step of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points);
  • Comprehend and apply relevant pre-requisite programs as means of control.
  • Written Exam

  • Submission of portfolio or letter of recommendation from the company/institution as continuous HACCP professional development evidence
Currently implemented in:Indonesia