Qualified Person

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (TÜV)

Certificado Titular: Toni Rose Gabriel

Número de logotipo: 0000069304

Certified competencies

In the examination participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Success factors of Six Sigma
  • Roles and tasks in Six Sigma projects
  • The Green Belt as Project Manager
  • Six-Sigma Project phase model – DMAIC Cycle
  • Define: establishing customer requirements, project definition and ensuring commissioning of project
  • Measure: Collection of process data and definition of current process performance
  • Analyze: Identification of causes and quantification of interdependencies
  • Improve: Developing solutions, choosing and implementing
  • Control: Standardizing results and ensuring sustainable achievement of objectives
  • Business plan game to the DMAIC & Minitab.

As a “Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (TÜV)” successful participants have the competence to manage complex Six Sigma Projects in their company. As well as statistical tools and holistic quality management methods, they apply a set of successful communication instruments. The application of this Tool-Box in a target-oriented fashion leads to understanding of customer requirements and as a result clearly defined process objectives, followed by employee commitment to define and implement the change together.



Toni Rose Gabriel, Filipinas