ID No. 0000069141: Facilitator for technical training (TÜV)

Certification Program Title:Facilitator for technical training (TÜV)
Admission Requirements:
  • An academic level of at least V according to the nomenclature of training levels in France,

  • Professional experience as an experienced technical facilitator or trainer of at least 1 year or description of specific professional experience with at least 24 days of experience continuing education and training.
Examination Components:
  • Written Exam (Multiple Choice and Open Questions)
  • Practical Exam and Statement of examiner
Required Competencies:

Successful candidates must demonstrate their skills regarding communication and psychology, pedagogical knowledge, didactic methodology and sound knowledge in the written exam and in the facilitation of a training’s sequence in the oral exam.

  • Proof of running professional training sessions for more than 10 man-days over the 3 last years. Records have to be provided as evidences (e.g. list of courses, courses’ appraisal focused on Trainer’s performance, Trainer’s feedback sheet, Trainer contract resp. invoice etc.)

  • Attending at least one training focusing on professional training. Records (e.g. certificate of training) have to be provided as proof.


Cooperation Partner:

Currently implemented in:France