Qualified Person

Industry 4.0 Transformation Manager (TÜV)

Certificate Holder: Nazarudin Rachman Sidik

Test Mark Number: 0000067517

Certified competencies

In the exam participants prove their knowledge in the following areas (horizontal and vertical integration):

  • Key technologies in Industry 4.0
  • Risk and challenges through Industry 4.0
  • Core elements of a “smart factory”
  • Transformation from lean to smart factory
  • Consequences for logistics, organization and employees
  • Industry 4.0 smart maintenance
  • Performance control and key performance indicators
  • Understand the elements of cyber security
  • Understand how to develop a strategical plan to implement transformation to Industry 4.0.

“Industry 4.0 Transformation Manager (TÜV)” know the essential key digital technologies for production, logistics and maintenance, as well as the inherent challenges for organisation and personnel. With close cooperation with IT-engineers, they are in a position to drive Industry 4.0 implementation in their company.


Nazarudin Rachman Sidik, Indonesia