Identyfikator 0000065631: Blockchain Developer (CERTIUNI) with TÜV Rheinland Certified Qualification

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Tytuł kwalifikacji:Blockchain Developer (CERTIUNI) with TÜV Rheinland Certified Qualification
Wymagania wstępne:
  • One (1) demonstrable year of experience in Web and/or desktop development
  • Training in Javascript, CCS, HTML 5 , Blockchain Development tools and BC Council Trainings as specified in the training roadmap
  • Relevant medium or superior university degree in any engineering, preferably in IT engineering
Składowe egzaminów:
  • Written Exam (Multiple Choice and Open Questions)
Wymagane kompetencje:

In the examination participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:

  • General knowledge about Blockchain, Blockchain Essential, Technology (Concepts & Ecosystem)
  • Selecting Private vs. Public Blockchain, blocks, transactions, private key & addresses, Blockchain mining, Architecture & Setting up
  • Selecting Proof of Work v/s Proof of stake v/s Delegated POS v/s Proof of Importance
  • Consulting on Smart Contracts
  • Use Cases of different industries

Successful candidates are in a position to:

  • Work closely with product teams to design and build Blockchain-based applications for enterprises and businesses
  • Work closely with bitcoin investment strategies and mining.


Cooperation Partner:


In a recertification process participants have to prove their expertise is up to date:

  • After 3 years candidates for recertification must prove that their knowledge is updated as Blockchain Developer through an examination procedure and proven professional experience.
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