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Rearward Facing Child Restraint System For Use in Aircraft: multiple products

Certificado Titular: nachfolger GmbH

Número de logotipo: 0000065606


Group 0/I (UNECE 44/04) child car seat for children of 0 - 18 kg (recommended age approx. 0-4,5 years).

The HY5 and HY5TT provide the flexibility you need when travelling, managing a patchwork family or car sharing. And it’s an eye-catcher as well.

The HY5/ HY5TT systems are qualified for use in aircraft. The use in aircraft is only permitted in combination with the Travel Kit+.

The qualification is limited to front row seats and seats after a bulkhead in eco and premium-eco, business and first class seats or a seat to seat pitch of 36” (35" only for HY5.1TT) and more.

The final decision whether the child restraint system can be used in the aircraft’s cabin remains with the airline.

For further information please contact your airline!


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