Certified Product

Glass in Building - Insulating glass units: Moisture penetration results according to EN 1279-2 "SWISSPACER AIR with SWS ULTIMATE or SWS ADVANCE (PS, PU)"

Certificate Holder: SWISSPACER Vetrotech Saint-Gobain (International) AG

Test Mark Number: 0000065249


SWISSPACER AIR with SWS ULTIMATE or SWS ADVANCE (PS, PU),  fulfill the requirements of EN 1279-2 regarding the moisture penetration Index I 


Further information by the certificate holder about the certified product: The certificate holder has not provided further information about the certified product.
Contact to the certificate holder: SWISSPACER
Vetrotech Saint-Gobain (International) AG
Sonnenwiesenstrasse 15
8280 Kreuzlingen