Qualified Persons with Test Mark 'Professional of Playground Safety according to EN 1176-1/3/10 (TÜV)'

Country / Region Postal Code Qualified Person
China (Mainland) Chen, Chuan Li
China (Mainland) Chen, Guo Dong
China (Mainland) Du, Zhen Xing
China (Mainland) Huang, Yong Jun
China (Mainland) Huiru, Li
China (Mainland) Hu, Kang Liang
China (Mainland) Ling, Yan
China (Mainland) Li, Shuang
China (Mainland) Liu, Bing
China (Mainland) Li, Zhang Zhou
China (Mainland) Lu, Xiao Yin
China (Mainland) Pan, Hui Jun
China (Mainland) Peng, Bin
China (Mainland) Shu, Guo Fang
China (Mainland) Shuo, Hu
China (Mainland) Wang, Lijun
China (Mainland) Xu, Jing Wang
China (Mainland) Xu, Yaolin
China (Mainland) Ye, Xiao Long
China (Mainland) Zeng, Xiang Xiang
China (Mainland) Zhang, Hai Peng
China (Mainland) Zhang, Xiao Bo
China (Mainland) Zheng, Wan Ye
China (Mainland) Zhu, Shihai