ID-Nr. 0000062862: Post Graduate Diploma in Oil & Gas Quality Management (Techmex) with TÜV Rheinland Certified Qualification

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Titel des Zertifizierungsprogramms:Post Graduate Diploma in Oil & Gas Quality Management (Techmex) with TÜV Rheinland Certified Qualification
  • Diploma in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Automobile or Civil Engineering  
  • Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, instrumentations, automobile or Civil Engineering
  • Successful participation in the Techmex training course „ Post Graduate Diploma in Oil and Gas Quality Management “recognized by the Personnel Certification Body. Admission to the exam is granted upon a minimum attendance of 80% of the total 600 Hrs. teaching units
  • Written exam (multiple choice and open questions)
  • Oral exam
  • Practical exam
Nachzuweisende Kompetenzen:

In the examination participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:


  • Basics of NDT and different methods of NDT.
  • Perform Visual test, Liquid Penetrant Test, Magnetic particle test, Radiographic Test, Ultrasonic Test and Radiographic Film Interpretation.
  • Perform in Rockwell, Brinnel , izod hardness test and Charpy V notch


  • Knowledge in various piping system used in oil and gas industry such as pipe, flange, fittings and pipe supports
  • Plant piping fabrication and installation as per asme b 31.3
  • Knowledge in ASME, ASTM, API standards related to piping


  • To prepare and understand welding procedure specification
  • knowledge in SMAW, GTAW and GMAW process electrodes and shielding gases
  • understanding various welding defects and ASME section 9 code


  • understanding surface preparation of metals before painting
  • primer intermediate and final coating of painting
  • to understand different mechanical testing used in painting


  • understanding various Offshore platforms
  • understanding four, six and eight legged jacket
  • understanding AWS D 1.1 code

Successful candidates are in a position to…

  • Monitor the performance of the welders, carrying out the welding inspection.
  • Conduct Weld Audit periodically to ensure the quality of the welding activity.
  • Perform material inspection for incoming materials & Review of material certificates to check compliance to project specifications.
  • Witness NDT & PWHT after NDT inspection and Final documentation for the clients review.
  • Successful participation in relevant refresher training of the Post Graduate Diploma in Oil & Gas Quality Management by Techmex.
  • Continuous work-experience in the certified field.


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