ID No. 0000060961: Instrumentation Foundation (TÜV) as from 01/04/2018

Certification Program Title:Instrumentation Foundation (TÜV) as from 01/04/2018
Admission Requirements:
  • High-School degree in KSA, Computer literacy (Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • Successful passing the Phase 1 - Academic Foundation Program at NITI with a defined level of English, Mathematics and Science .
Examination Components:
  • Term Test 1 comprises Unit 1-3
  • Term Test 2 comprises Unit 4-6
  • Term Test 3 comprises Unit 7-11
  • Term Test 4 comprises Unit 12-13

Term Test comprises both a Practical Test and a Theoretical Test. The ratio of their weight is set  60% - 40%

The average of all accumulated Unit results weights 70% of the Final Term result. The Term Test weights 30% of the Final Term result. This system is applied for all 4 (four) Term Tests. The end of course summary result is taken from the average of the accumulated 4 (four) Term Final results. All Term Results comprise of accumulated Unit results with a weight of 70 % plus the Term Test result with a weight of 30% .  

Required Competencies:

In the examination participants prove their skills and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Perform preventive maintenance on instrumentation and control loops.
  • Reassemble and recalibrate equipment.
  • Locate equipment faults by performing the necessary tests and measurements.
  • Replace, instruments, parts and components on the plant.
  • Use and understand supplier documentation, manuals and instructions.
  • Understand and inspect instrumentation, tubing and wiring installations.
  • Run operating or function tests to ensure satisfactory repair and system performance.
  • Interpret and understand simple schematic and electronic drawings to complete work assignments, conduct inspections and to perform fault finding.
  • Able to plan and install and join signal cables, impulse tubing and install glands.
  • Provide assistance as required by determining the nature of repairs and failures by using trends.
  • Report and explain plant condition and status in writing with evidence.

Successful candidates who have acquired the above listed competencies will be eligible to join the next two phases at the clients in-company training premises as they are called “on-the job-training” (Phase 3) and  “specialized training” (Phase 4).


Cooperation partner:

Currently implemented in:Saudi Arabia