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Qualified Person

Expert for Burglary Protection (TÜV)

Certificate Holder: Dirk Winkler

Test Mark Number: 0000060588

Certified competencies

In the exam participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Introduction to the work of experts and legal framework
  • Remuneration of experts
  • Questions of liability and insurability
  • Contract design and contractual obligations
  • Tax aspects of the work as an expert
  • Planning and carrying out on-site visits
  • Procedures of legal proceedings
  • Rejection due to conflict of interest
  • Requirements for structure and content of an written expertise

With their knowledge on mechanical and electro-technical burglary protection systems “Experts for Burglary Protection (TÜV)” are in a position to consult legally securely, create a complete safety concept for real estate and produce written expertise reports on the topic of burglary protection that stand up in court, or alternatively evaluate other written expertise reports.