ID号码 0000060255: Assembly Supervisor Windows/Doors (TÜV)

此ID页面可选择下列语言: German
认证项目名称:Assembly Supervisor Windows/Doors (TÜV)
  • Full time work in the assembly of windows/doors with a minimum of 3years of professional experience
  • Successful participation in a 2-module Assembly Supervisor Windows/Doors Training, recognized by PersCert TÜV, with a mandatory attendance of 80%
  • Passed examination of expertise after module 1
  • Written exam (multiple choice and open questions)

In the examination participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Fundamentals for Assembly Supervisors
  • Planning and assembly of windows and doors
  • Typical cases of damage
  • Rights and obligations
  • Communication

Successful participants are in a position to supervise the assembly independently. This includes among other things the assessment of consequences of actions, staff management and the resolution of customer conflicts.


Participants prove that their competence is up-to-date in a recertification process.



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