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Pracownik wykwalifikowany

Data Protection Officer (TÜV) including the EU GDPR

Właściciel certyfikatu: Ilja Borchers

Numer Znaku: 0000060133

Certyfikowane kompetencje

In the examination, participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Data protection
  • Organization of data protection and data safety in the company
  • The operational responsibilities of the data protection representative

“Data Protection Officers (TÜV)” have a proven knowledge in respect of Article 37, paragraph 5 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. They know the legal requirements in the area of data protection (e.g. EU GDPR, Act to Adapt Data Protection Law to EU Regulation), the rights and responsibilities of data protection representatives and the components of an efficient data protection management system. They are in a position to implement and supervise such a system’s basic features.


Ilja Borchers, Niemcy