Identyfikator 0000059462: Data Protection Auditor (TÜV) including the EU GDPR

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carried out until 02/2019

Tytuł kwalifikacji:Data Protection Auditor (TÜV) including the EU GDPR
Wymagania wstępne:

Successful completion as „Data Protection Representative (TÜV) including the EU GDPR“ and participation in the TÜV Rheinland Academy’s qualification „Data Protection Auditor (TÜV) including the EU GDPR“, recognized by the personnel certification body. Admission to the examination is granted upon a minimum attendance of 80% of the 24 teaching units.

Składowe egzaminów:
  • Written exam (multiple choice and open questions)
Wymagane kompetencje:

In the examination, participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Requirements for an efficient data protection management system from the planning stage through implementation to maintenance and updating
  • Implementation, launch and introduction of a data protection concept
  • Documentation of the data protection management system
  • Setting goals for audits
  • Requirements for internal audits and the internal auditor
  • Planning and preparation of a data protection audit
  • Conducting audits
  • Analysis, audit report and follow-up measures
  • Preparation of the audit report
  • Follow-up measures

„Data Protection Auditors (TÜV) including the EU GDPR” have proven knowledge in respect of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the current version of the Federal Data Protection Law and are able to carry out data protection audits in the company on a regular basis.

Currently implemented in:Niemcy