Qualified Persons with Test Mark 'Radiographic Testing Personnel - Level 2 with TÜV Rheinland Certified Qualification'

Country / Region Postal Code Qualified Person
China (Mainland) Bian, Xiao Qing
China (Mainland) Chen, Kai Min
China (Mainland) Chen, Liang
China (Mainland) Fan, Zhi Rui
China (Mainland) Hu, Zheng Kai
China (Mainland) Li, Jian Hong
China (Mainland) Liu, Jin Bao
China (Mainland) Liu, Tao
China (Mainland) Tian, Qi Wei
China (Mainland) Tian, Zheng Xu
China (Mainland) Wang, Xiu Ping
China (Mainland) Wen, Jin Bo
China (Mainland) Xu, Feng
China (Mainland) Xu, Le Le
China (Mainland) Yu, Chao