ID No. 0000058336: Ultrasonic Testing UT 1 (TÜV)


Only active in Poland

Certification Program Title:Ultrasonic Testing UT 1 (TÜV)
Admission Requirements:
  • Successful completion of training in the method and level Ultrasonic Testing UT 1, recognized by the personnel certification body.
  • Visual examination and medical certificate confirming compliance with EN ISO 9712.
  • Documented preliminary practical placement before the exam – minimum 3 months.

Candidates whether employed, self-employed or unemployed shall:

  1. Provide documentary evidence of satisfactory completion of a course of training
  2. Provide verifiable documentary evidence that the required experience has been gained under qualified supervision
  3. Provide documentary evidence of vision satisfying the requirements
  4. Abide by a code of ethics published by the personnel certification body.

Certificate holders shall:

  1. Abide by a code of ethics published by the personnel certification body
  2. Undergo an annual test of visual acuity and submit the results to the employer

Inform the certification body and the employer if the conditions for validity of certification are no longer fulfilled.

Examination Components:
  • Written exam
  • Practical exam
Required Competencies:

In the examination participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:

A person certified to Level 1 has demonstrated competence carrying out NDT according to written instructions and under the supervision of Level 2 or Level 3 personnel. Within the scope of the competence defined in the certificate, Level 1 personnel may be authorized by the employer to perform the following in accordance with NDT instructions:

  1. Set up NDT equipment;
  2. Perform the tests;
  3. Record and classify the results of the tests according to written criteria;
  4. Report the results.

Level 1 certified personnel shall neither be responsible for the choice of test method or technique to be used, nor for interpretation of test results.

Successful candidates have the skills for Non-destructive testing and sound knowledge of UT 1.


5 years until renewal.

10 years until recertification.

Currently implemented in:Poland