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Certified Product

Floorfixx Comfort:

Certificate Holder: Estillon B.V.

Test Mark Number: 0000055786


The certified underlayment fulfils the requirements of the TÜV Rheinland Testmark Noise Reduction including Regular Product Surveillance.

Product                                           : Underlayment: Floorfixx Comfort

Total thickness                                 : 10 mm  

Total mass                                       :  9185 gr/m2           

Certified in combination with           : Floorcovering: 2.5 mm LVT (glue).


Performance properties



Impact sound improvement against a solid concrete reference floor in accordance with ISO 10140 and ISO 717-2. The certified product combination is during the test loaded with a mass between 20 and 25 kg per m2.

≥ 10 dB Δ Llin


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