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Qualified Person

Inspector for Wind Turbines (TÜV)

Certificate Holder: Söhnke Schierloh

Test Mark Number: 0000055452

Certified competencies

In the exam participants prove their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Fundamentals of maintenance
  • Damage and damage prevention to doors and foundations
  • Condition analysis and evaluation of damage in mechanical engineering
  • Inspection and evaluation of the electronic system
  • Inspection of the aerodynamic components

“Inspectors for Wind Turbines (TÜV)”
 know how wind turbines are built and how they work and what needs to be considered during the regular inspection of the individual components.
They are familiar with the typical damage found in wind turbines and can evaluate the type and extent of the damage professionally. They are in a position to identify causes of downtime and assess possibilities of optimisation.


Söhnke Schierloh, Germany