Qualified Persons with Test Mark 'Magnetic Testing Personnel - Level 2 with TÜV Rheinland Certified Qualification'

kraj/region Kod pocztowy Qualified Person
Chiny Cong, Pei Dong
Chiny Di, Fang Xu
Chiny Ding, En Liang
Chiny Fei, Yuan Lin
Chiny Li, Chen
Chiny Li, Peng
Chiny Liu, Xiao Bo
Chiny Liu, Yue Bao
Chiny Ma, Hai Ting
Chiny Peng, Shan Bin
Chiny Ren, Ran
Chiny Wang, Qing Feng
Chiny Wang, Xia Ling
Chiny Wen, Jin Bo
Chiny Xu, Jin Jun
Chiny Yi, Zhi Ping
Chiny Zhang, Qiang
Chiny Zhong, Guang Qun