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Certified Product

Ambient air Measurement: "LIFETEK PMS, LIFETEK 100 PMS"

Certificate Holder: Mega System s.r.l

Test Mark Number: 0000054060

The test entails:


This certificate applies to automated measurement systems conforming to the following description:

The LIFETEK PMS and LIFETEK 100 PMS are automatic and sequential devices for dust monitoring
on membrane filters. As the system is designed as a sequential system, a gravimetric weighing of the
dusts on the filters is possible, and the filters can be used for additional analytic procedures such as
the detection of heavy metals.

The LIFETEK PMS and LIFETEK 100 PMS consists of a sampling inlet (PM10 or PM2.5), inlet
tubes, vacuum pump, a measuring device, a water cooling system and two filter magazines
(loading and unloading device) for new and sampled filters.

In order to show compliance of LIFETEK PMS and LIFETEK 100 PMS to the requirements on standard
samplers according to EN 12341:2014, the following test points have been investigated and assessed:

  • Geometrical design of the sampling inlets (Annex A)
  • Sampling system components
  • Sampling period
  • Sample storage and transport
  • Applicable QA- and QC procedure
  • Guide: Demonstration of Equivalence of Ambient Air Monitoring Methods
  • The test has been performed as follows:
    • Preparation of two complete LIFETEK PMS Systems and
    • one LIFETEK 100 PMS System to TÜV Rheinland.
    • Verification of compliance with the standard for all above mentioned points with
      traceable measurements (geometric design, flow rate…).
    • Check of the efficiency of the ambient temperature compensation, with comparing
      the ambient and filter temperature at different ambient conditions (EN 12341:2014
      stipulates a max. difference: 5°C) – this test was performed in the climate chamber.
    • Check, if the conditioning of the housing of the instrument can secure the required
      storage conditions for loaded filters at different ambient temperatures (EN 12341:2014
      stipulates a temperature of 23°C or below) – this test was performed in the climate

Field of Application
The LIFETEK PMS and LIFETEK 100 PMS are suitable for continuous ambient air monitoring
(stationary operation).
The LIFETEK PMS is approved for the ambient air temperature range of -20 to +50°C and
the LIFETEK 100 PMS system is approved for the ambient temperature range of +5 to +40°C.

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