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    Produits certifiés

    • Produit

      Zertifiziertes Ökostrom-Angebot: naturstroum, nova naturstroum, Ecomix "Ökostromangebote der Steinergy S.A."

    • Titulaire de la certification

      Steinergy S.A.

    • Test Mark Number


    The test includes:

    1. 100% Renewable Energy

      100% of the electricity as well as the biogas come from renewable energy sources (like hydropower, wind energy, solar energy and the biogas comes from biomass).

    2. Regular Surveillance

      According to the applicable criteria catalog, TUV Rheinland performs regular surveillance audits to ensure the statement of certification is still valid and up-to-date.

    Certificate for this Product


    Contact to the certificate holder

    Steinergy S.A.

    4, Square Patton
    8443 Steinfort



    Certificates / Approvals C-06-2022-21256275-2 Reviewed by TÜV Rheinland 63 ko Téléchargement
    Certificates / Approvals C-06-2022-21256275-2 (fr.) Reviewed by TÜV Rheinland 60 ko Téléchargement