Qualified Persons with Test Mark 'Electric Vehicle High Voltage Safety Technician - Stage 2 with TÜV Rheinland Certified Qualification'

Country / Region Postal Code Qualified Person
China (Mainland) Bi, Mu Mei
China (Mainland) Cao, Chun Long
China (Mainland) Chen, Jian Bin
China (Mainland) Chen, Tao
China (Mainland) Chen, Wei Lin
China (Mainland) Chen, Yi
China (Mainland) Chen, Zi Bo
China (Mainland) Deng, Xiao Tao
China (Mainland) Ding, Jian
China (Mainland) Dong, Xiang Zhong
China (Mainland) Dong, Xiao Feng
China (Mainland) Dou, Rui Bing
China (Mainland) Fu, Zhi Hao
China (Mainland) Gao, Xiong Xiong
China (Mainland) Gong, Zhen Peng
China (Mainland) Guo, Li Feng
China (Mainland) Guo, Qi Tao
China (Mainland) Guo, Yang
China (Mainland) He, Ru Dong
China (Mainland) Huang, Chao Yang
China (Mainland) Huang, Hong Liang
China (Mainland) Huang, Shan Shan
China (Mainland) Jiang, Cheng Xiao
China (Mainland) Jiang, Wei
China (Mainland) Lei, Sheng Miao
China (Mainland) Li, Bo
China (Mainland) Li, En Xu
China (Mainland) Li, Guo Tao
China (Mainland) Li, Jing
China (Mainland) Lin, Tian Yang
China (Mainland) Liu, Bing Xiao
China (Mainland) Li, Wei
China (Mainland) Li, Wei
China (Mainland) Li, Zhan Feng
China (Mainland) Lu, Feng
China (Mainland) Luo, Qi Gang
China (Mainland) Lu, Yu Cheng
China (Mainland) Lu, Zheng Guo
China (Mainland) Lv, Bin
China (Mainland) Lv, Ji Wei
China (Mainland) Ma, Hu Cheng
China (Mainland) Mo, Wei
China (Mainland) Ou Yang, Lin Hua
China (Mainland) Peng, Zhi Hui
China (Mainland) Qiang, Chao
China (Mainland) Qin, Pei Zhong
China (Mainland) Ran, Qi Qiang
China (Mainland) Shan, Ze Cheng
China (Mainland) Shen, Rong Wei
China (Mainland) Song, Peng Peng
China (Mainland) Sun, Hao
China (Mainland) Sun, Jian Sheng
China (Mainland) Sun, Xiao Hui
China (Mainland) Sun, Zheng Cai
China (Mainland) Su, Yong Liang
China (Mainland) Tian, Xing Yong
China (Mainland) Tong, Pu
China (Mainland) Wang, Hong Yan
China (Mainland) Wang, Jia Chen
China (Mainland) Wang, Jing Hui
China (Mainland) Wang, Song
China (Mainland) Wang, Zheng Qing
China (Mainland) Wu, Biao
China (Mainland) Wu, Li Jun
China (Mainland) Xia, Long Hui
China (Mainland) Xie, Bi Rong
China (Mainland) Xu, Bao Xin
China (Mainland) Xue, Jian Yong
China (Mainland) Xue, Shi Xin
China (Mainland) Yang, Ji Xi
China (Mainland) Yang, Lei
China (Mainland) Yang, Ming
China (Mainland) Yang, Rui
China (Mainland) Yan, Yong Hua
China (Mainland) Yin, Jia Chang
China (Mainland) Yuan, Jin Jun
China (Mainland) Yu, Wen Quan
China (Mainland) Yu, Yang Wu
China (Mainland) Zeng, Lin Zhou
China (Mainland) Zhang, Dong Dong
China (Mainland) Zhang, Feng
China (Mainland) Zhang, Tian Yi
China (Mainland) Zhang, Tong Qing
China (Mainland) Zhang, Wei
China (Mainland) Zhang, You Liang
China (Mainland) Zheng, Qi
China (Mainland) Zheng, Qiang
China (Mainland) Zhou, Hong Jun
China (Mainland) Zhou, Ming
China (Mainland) Zhu, Qi Peng
China (Mainland) Zou, Hai Xin
Taiwan Xie, Bi Rong