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Certified Product

Toy: "Edgar"

Certificate Holder: Hersteller GmbH

Test Mark Number: 0000051290

Consumer Information

  • Fur made of plush for extra soft grip
  • Insides made of cotton wool
  • Eyes made of plastic
  • Cotton-seams

The toy "Edgar" of Hersteller GmbH is tested on colorant, plasticizer  lead- and cadmium-concentration. In addition inflammability and stability were examined.

The Toy is available in different sizes and variations:

"Edgar" big, sitting Height: 31 cm
"Edgar" middle, sitting Height: 21 cm
"Edgar" small, sitting Height: 11 cm
"Edgar" big, lying Length: 35 cm
"Edgar" middle, lying Length: 25 cm
"Edgar" small, lying Length: 15 cm



Plush toy panda "Edgar"

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Further information by the certificate holder about the certified product

TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH has been tested and certified the following quality criteria:

The toy “Edgar” from Hersteller GmbH meets the safety requirements as defined in criteria catalogue 2 PFG S 0026. Even beyond the requirements as stipulated in the applicable Toy-Directive “Edgar” does not contain any harmful substances considering the latest state-of-the-art technical standards. The toy is saliva and sweat fast and is easy to clean with regular commercially available customized cleaning agents without damage to form or material.

The production is controlled at least once a year for compliance with the required criteria.

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